B156ZAN04.1 Replacement LCD screen

B156ZAN04.1 Replacement LCD screen

B156ZAN04.1 is a Color Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display composed of a TFT LCD panel, a driver circuit, and LED backlight system. The screen format is intended to support the 16:9 UHD, 3840(H) x2160(V) screen and 1064.3M colors (with RGB 8-bits data driver and 8+2bits FRC data) with LED backlight driving circuit. All input signals are eDP(Embedded DisplayPort) interface compatible. B156ZAN04.1 is designed for a display unit of notebook style personal computer and industrial machine.




Model Name

B156ZAN04.1 (AUO41EB) 

Screen Size

15.6 inch

Screen Type


Pixel Number

3840(RGB)×2160   (UHD)  283PPI


RGB Vertical Stripe

Active Area(mm)

344.218 × 193.622 (H×V)


350.66 × 216.45 × 3.2 (H×V×D)

Bezel Area(mm)




500 cd/m² (Typ.)

Contrast Ratio

1200 : 1 (Typ.) (TM)    

Viewing Angle

85/85/85/85 (Typ.)(CR≥10)


30 (Typ.)(Tr+Td) ms

Good View at


Work Mode

AHVA, Normally Black, Transmissive

Color Depth

1.06B   100% Adobe RGB


WLED , 15K hours , With LED Driver

Outline Shape

Slim (PCBA Flat, T≤3.2mm)

Used for


Refresh Rate




Signal Type

eDP (4 Lanes) , eDP1.4a , HBR2 (5.4G/lane) , 40 pins Connector

Voltage Supply

3.3V (Typ.)

Max. Ratings

Storage Temp.: -20 ~ 60 °C    Operating Temp.: 0 ~ 50 °C   


The AUO B156ZAN04.1 is a 15.6-inch LCM (Liquid Crystal Module) with LTPS TFT-LCD technology. It has a high pixel density of 283 PPI and a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels (UHD). The display is arranged in RGB Vertical Stripe, which provides a clear and vivid visual experience. The active area of the screen is 344.218 mm x 193.622 mm (H x V), while the outline measures 350.66 mm x 216.45 mm x 3.2 mm (H x V x D). The screen has an antiglare treatment, which helps reduce reflections and enhances visibility.


The display has a maximum luminance of 500 cd/m² (typical) and a contrast ratio of 1200:1 (typical), ensuring a bright and vibrant image. The viewing angles are 85/85/85/85 degrees (typical) with a CR≥10 (Contrast Ratio greater than or equal to 10). The response time of the screen is 30 ms (typical) (Tr+Td), which is relatively fast and makes it suitable for fast-paced action.


The screen uses AHVA (Advanced Hyper-Viewing Angle) technology, which is a type of IPS (In-Plane Switching) display that provides a wide viewing angle and accurate color reproduction. It is a normally black and transmissive display, which allows it to consume less power and provide better contrast.


The color depth of the screen is 1.06 billion colors with 100% Adobe RGB coverage, making it ideal for graphic designers, photographers, and other professionals who require accurate color representation. The backlight of the screen uses WLED (White Light Emitting Diode) technology and is rated for 15,000 hours of use, with an LED driver to regulate the brightness.


The screen has a slim outline shape with a PCBA flat and a thickness of ≤3.2 mm, making it suitable for use in laptops. It has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, and it does not have a touchscreen feature. The signal type of the screen is eDP (Embedded DisplayPort) with 4 lanes and eDP1.4a, supporting HBR2 (High Bit Rate 2) with a bandwidth of 5.4 Gbps/lane, and it comes with a 40-pin connector.


Finally, the screen operates on a typical input voltage of 3.3 V, and it can operate within a temperature range of 0 to 50 °C. It can also be stored within a temperature range of -20 to 60 °C, ensuring that it is suitable for a wide range of applications.

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