Monitor Selection Guide(Part 2)

After knowing what the color gamut, color difference, refresh rate and response time represent, we can happily choose a monitor that suits us according to our needs.

Csgo, apex and other FPS game players:

Monitor Selection Guide(Part 2)

When your graphics card is powerful enough (that is, the FPS of the game is greater than 60 frames), it is necessary for such users to choose a monitor with a refresh rate of 144hz.

The 144hz smooth and smooth picture can not only see the enemy clearly when turning the screen left and right, but also reduce the dizziness caused by stuttering and delay during the game.

But such displays usually use TN panels, because TN panels are easier to achieve 144HZ refresh and 1ms response.

However, the shortcomings of TN panels are also obvious, that is, the color gamut is poor and the color is whitish.

Unless you are an obsessed fan of FPS, or an e-sports player who doesn’t mind the color of the screen and only wants to improve his strength, it is not recommended to buy a monitor with a TN panel. Or you can add money and buy an expensive IPS 144hz monitor.

Users who have high requirements for color accuracy such as PS, graphics, photography, etc.:

Monitor Selection Guide(Part 2)

Such users should focus on the parameters of color gamut and color difference when choosing a monitor, delte<3, the smaller the better.

Home video and general gamers:

Monitor Selection Guide(Part 2)

Such users generally watch movies and TV while playing games.

You can choose a monitor with an IPS screen. The color gamut can be as high as possible, and the grayscale response time (delay) can be as low as possible.

The color difference can hardly be considered. And size, appearance and price can also be taken into consideration.

Briefly talk about the special model of the monitor:

Monitor Selection Guide(Part 2)

Monitors with a screen ratio listed as 21:9 or above are characterized by being very long. Because the screen is longer, more content can be displayed on one screen.

The advantages of this screen are:

1. When more webpages, software, or games are opened, more content can be displayed on the same screen, so it is very suitable for work.

2. Watching movies is very cool, the movie theater has a good sense of sight, and now there are more and more movies with 21:9 sources. If the main purpose of buying a monitor is to watch movies, a 21:9 monitor is very suitable for you.

3. Support the mainstream network and stand-alone games in the market. LOL, apex, Cs go, etc. can effectively expand the left and right field of vision.


1. Since most of the sources such as live broadcasts, TV dramas, and variety shows are in the traditional 16:9 format, when watching these contents in full screen, there will be wide black borders on both sides of the screen.

2. Since there are more display areas on the left and right sides than traditional monitors, the requirements for graphics cards are higher when playing games.


Therefore, for multiple viewing needs and movie lovers, a 21:9 display is a very good choice.


The 1.144hz/1ms gaming display has a very different effect on FPS shooting games such as Apex, CS GO, and Fortnite. After using a 144hz/1ms gaming monitor, you may not be used to using a 60hz monitor. Of course, the premise is that your graphics card must support such a high frame rate.


The 144hz/1ms gaming monitors around $2.300 are all TN panel screens, and the color will be poor. The ones around $700 will be better, but the color is still not as good as the $300 IPS screen.


3. The color of the IPS screen is very good, and the viewing angle is also very large, but light leakage is a common problem of IPS. Whether the monitor you buy has serious light leakage depends largely on luck. And there is no difference in daily use with slight light leakage, so don’t worry too much.


4. It is enough for ordinary players to choose IPS or Samsung VA panel monitors. Players who are not FPS shooting games do not need to blindly pursue 144hz/1ms, and the effect is not obvious.


5. The 16:9 display is slender and can display multiple windows at the same time, which is very helpful for users who need to open and multitask. It can also be displayed in full screen when watching movies, which has a very good viewing experience.

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